Praying mouth

The rosary is a sacred symbol that exists in most religions. There is a serious contradiction of the use of the rosary as such; symbol of mental relaxation, concentration, meditation and prayer, along with the sound produced by the rosary teeth, a sound of terror, fear and anxiety.


The yellow badge was a symbol of shame and humiliation at the second world war against the Jewish nation. The act of using the badge but instead writing the word Arab is to show how the world today is reacting against the Arab nation.


This action, writing on water the word Democracy in different languages refers to the «power» of the meaning of Democracy nowadays, the significance of Democracy is diluted, leaves no sign in the water.

Oceanic Feelings

Oceanic feeling is a psychological term of Romain Rolland and popularized by Sigmund Freud to criticize the psychological feeling of religion, the “oceanic” feeling of limitlessness. According to Rolland this feeling is the source of all religious energy in various religious systems.