Censorship of my work

Censorship of my work Back to the Middle Age In July 2017, my first solo exhibition Undercover in my hometown Nazareth was supposed to take place. Before sending my works, both the curator and the director of the gallery reviewed and agreed on the art works. The vast majority of my work express criticism of…

The palimpsest of love

Gustav Courbet created his famous painting L’Origine du monde in 1866, which can be considered as a feminist artwork. Using this image on verses mentioning women, from the holy books (Bible, New Testament, and Koran) gives it a unique power.


This performance is focused on the abuse against the gypsy women in Andalusia.A “gypsy” man carries a blind “gypsy” woman while a macho-chauvinist flamenco song is in the background. She is wearing a typical pocadots shirt.

GIBCA.Conversation – Piece

CONVERSATION PIECE (Gotenborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art. July – August, 2017)Code: Pedro G. Romero= PGR, Bassam El Baroni = BEB, Jose Iglesias Gª-Arenal = JIGA, Doris Hakim = DH, Yassine Chouati = YC Archivo F.X. in collaboration with Bassam El Baroni & Pedro G. Romero with the participation of Doris Hakim, Yassine Chouati and…

Chastity underwear

As Berger comments in his book Ways of Seeing about hidden ideologies in visual images (from the point of view of western aesthetics), men tend to look at women as an object which are not allowed to think for themselves; they are constantly under the judgment of men.