Art Athina

PLATFORMS@ART-ATHINA 13, the Contemporary Art Fair of Greece. Participation with the I-NODE of the Planetary Collegioum, organized by Katerina Karoussos and Roy Ascott. THE PLATFORM The Planetary Collegium is an international platform that promotes the integration of art, science, technology and consciousness research. Its founding president is Roy Ascott. The platform aims to produce new…

Happening at Syndagma Square

The Greek Parliament is seen through a ballot box, citizens are asked to cast their vote and throw it inside, so that the building will eventually disappear. The faces of the voters are not seen. The request was to press an opinion about the current political situation of Greece.

Mystical illusion

In this performance titled, “Mystical Illusion,” I ”borrow” the Buddhist mandala ritual, using the symbols of the three monotheistic religions of my country: Christianity, Judaism, Islam, to comment on the corrupted influence of the “Divine” on the human perception of the world.